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After finishing college at The University Of Southern Mississippi, owners Rob and Lindsay Willis decided to move back to Rob's home state of Texas and start a business. In 2002, they arrived in College Station, TX with dreams as big as the state itself!

In the beginning, The Steamery was a one-van and one-man operation. Since then, our College Station location has grown to a fleet of 20 truck-mounted machines and franchises in seven other towns.

We love working with the people and businesses here in Aggieland, and we're fortunate to be a part of the Brazos Valley community. We also couldn't be the business today without our faith in God and His direction. We have three wonderful children, Sophia, Trett, and Abilene. We were raised with strong family values and the idea that hard work will help you achieve your dreams. We are proud of our name and the reputation The Steamery, Inc. has earned.


We have a wonderful family of franchise owners. The San Marcos franchise is operated by Brian Patton and his wife, Meredith. They began the first Steamery franchise in May of 2009. They have two daughters, Emma Kate and Olivia Rose. Brian also serves Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

Morgan Beckendorff launched the second franchise after completing Texas A&M in December of 2009. He began operating the Huntsville location in January of 2010. His wife, Kaitlyn, teaches fourth grade. Morgan also serves The Woodlands, Conroe, TX, and the surrounding areas. They have one child. 

In 2012, The Steamery began a third franchise in our hometown of Hattiesburg, MS. Clark and his wife, Rebecca, have two sons: Nathan and Wyatt. 

In April 2013, Blake and his wife, Kathryn, began a location serving the Houston/ Bay Area. They have two precious children: a son, Kade, and a daughter, Charlotte. 

Tres; his wife, Paige; and their son, Tripp, began a Steamery franchise in May of 2014. They provide service in Lakeway and the North Austin, TX area. They have been successful in quickly growing their business in Lakeway. 

We welcomed Matt Thomas to The Steamery team in December 2015. Matt is a graduate of Texas A&M, Fighting Texas Aggie class of 2015. He is also a Navy veteran. We are grateful to Matt for his service to our country. 

Our newest expansion is in Denton, TX. We would like to welcome John Sullivan to The Steamery family! John is a graduate of Texas A&M class of 2015.

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